ADE- Parental Rights Handbook

Erika Chapman
Special Education Service Coordinator
[email protected]

Holly Diaz
Director Of Educational Services and Preschool
[email protected]
(623) 388-2105

In the 2020 Arizona Legislative Session, the Legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 1061 (Laws 
2020, Chapter 64) which the Governor signed on June 5, 2020. SB 1061 established ARS § 15-
249.16 which requires the Arizona Department of Education (Department) to establish and post 
a statutory handbook of parental rights. Additionally, each school district and charter school must 
prominently post a link to the statutory handbook of parental rights on a publicly accessible portion 
of their website. Per A.R.S. § 15-249.16, the handbook of parental rights must contain the 
following statutes:

• Title 1, Chapter 6 
o Section 1-601
o Section 1-602

• Title 15, Chapter 1
o Section 15-102
o Section 15-110
o Section 15-113
o Section 15-117

• Title 15, Chapter 3
o Section 15-351

• Title 15, Chapter 7
o Section 15-721
o Section 15-722
o Section 15-730

This document contains the required statutes per SB 1061 and fulfills the Department’s role in 
developing and posting the parental rights handbook pursuant to A.R.S. § 15-249.16. In addition 
to posting on the Department’s website, this document will be distributed to each public school 
for posting.

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