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COVID-19 Updates and School Contingency Plans
Posted on 12/16/2019

Nadaburg Unified School District Parents, Guardians, Staff and School Community:


The health, safety and well-being of our students, families and staff remains our top priority. NUSD is updating plans for various actions that may be required in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and will take immediate action, as needed, to ensure the safety of our students and staff. 


Below are the details for continued learning and meals for our students while schools are closed. The out-of-school learning resources are to be found under the menu tab on the district website at

These links have been vetted and are ready for parents, guardians and caretakers to use with students immediately. 


Additionally, we are preparing for the return of our teachers and staff after this week’s Spring Break. During the week of 3/23-3/27, teachers and staff will all be working together to expand the online learning options, offer phone or video conference times, create and distribute hard copy packets for students without in-home devices or internet, and prepare and distribute meals. 


Teachers and Staff will receive an internal communication with the work plans and compensation details. 


At this time, we recognize that schools may be closed for an indefinite period of time, so we will be updating this plan and sharing new developments via email, robocall and social media. We are very appreciative of our community’s support and patience as we navigate this unprecedented landscape together. Our common goal remains the health, safety and learning of all our students. 


You can learn more about the discussion and recommendations from the Arizona Department of Education here:


In order to provide opportunities for students to continue their learning outside the classroom, this information below is updated for 3/23/20 - 3/27/2020.


Grade Level


Instructional Materials

Meal Pick up available (box or sack)

Dates (beginning week of 3/23/20)



Desert Oasis ES

Hard copy weekly packet
and online resources
for school closure found at



745-845 am Breakfast (drive-thru pickup and delivery*)


1045-1245 pm Lunch (drive-thru pickup and delivery*)


Saguaro Jane’s

Hard copy weekly packet


Every Thursday starting 3/26/20

11-2 pm


Nadaburg ES

Hard copy weekly packet
 and online resources for
school closure found at



745-845 am Breakfast (drive-thru pickup and delivery*)


1045-1245 pm Lunch (drive-thru pickup and delivery*)


Home internet and devices for ongoing online learning

Weekly online lessons beginning on 3/30/20


Weekly online lessons beginning on 3/30/20 will be updated when teachers return to work after Spring Break


Food delivery stops shown below*

Food delivery by bus for NES

Breakfast 745-845 am & Lunch 1045-1245 pm

Maple & Wilson (Saguaro Janes)

227th & Lone Mountain

248th & Patton

Patton & Crozier

207th & Bradley


203rd & Patton (Fire Station)

Food delivery for DOES

Jomax & 155th Ave.

Dixileta & 163rd 

Dale Lane & 177th

As recommended by health officials and the ADE, we are asking that students and staff stay home when they are sick and everyone should be practicing healthy hygiene habits. We are sanitizing our schools (surfaces, toys, equipment, playgrounds) and buses regularly as part of the ongoing COVID-19 plan. We have purchased and installed hand sanitizer dispensers in main hallways on both campuses and central office. 


Currently, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our district.


In an effort to stop the spread of illnesses, the CDC recommends that all sick employees refrain from coming to work. Staff members are also instructed to follow healthy habits and we are sharing this with students and parents/guardians to do the same: 


1.      Wash hands frequently and follow proper handwashing techniques as outlined by the CDC,

2.      Cover cough or sneeze with sleeve or elbow

3.      Use a tissue, discard immediately and wash hands

4.      Avoid touching eyes, nose & mouth

5.      Avoid people who are sick

6.      Disinfect frequently touched surfaces

7.    Practice social distancing 


We are currently in the Increase Communication & Cleaning phase of alert as shown below, although we are currently under the Governor’s Closure Mandate for all K12 Schools:

Actively Monitoring & Cleaning


Reported Cases in County

Increase Communication & Cleaning

Community Spread Cases

Potential Closures and Cancellations


Confirmed Cases amongst Students & Staff

  • Communicate to all staff and families the precautions to avoid spreading COVID-19.
  • More frequent cleaning of common areas and vehicles
  • Communicate to families to keep sick children home
  • Communicate to staff to stay home when sick
  • Monitor attendance
  • Review Emergency Response Plans
  • Update communication to all stakeholders frequently
  • Follow guidance of ADE, Maricopa County Health Department and CDC

Continue Actively Monitoring procedures and:


  • Increase cleaning efforts to multiple times a day
  • Potentially limit unnecessary travel
  • Potentially limit activities and postpone events
  • Potentially limit/restrict outside visitors and guests
  • Report any communicable disease or significant increase in absenteeism to local health authorities and follow their guidance
  • Follow guidance of ADE, Maricopa County Health Department and CDC

Continue Monitoring, Communication and Cleaning procedures and:


  • Communicate regularly with local health authorities
  • Potentially cancel all school events and building rentals
  • Potentially cancel all school related travel
  • Potentially close campuses or entire district
  • Communicate to staff who will report to duty to maintain services
  • Perform a deep clean of all areas
  • Follow guidance of ADE, Maricopa County Health Department and CDC


Please remember that at this time there are no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in our district. 


Please know that we are closely monitoring the situation and adhering to recommendations from Governor Ducey, the ADE and DHS Department of Health Services. 


Updated information will be sent out via email, robocall and the district and school websites once teachers and staff have returned from Spring Break on Monday, March 23rd, 2020. This first week of closure, our teams will be working to create the instructional materials for the weeks to come (March 30th and on), and this information will be sent to our parents, guardians and school community via email, robocall and social media. 


Student, Staff and Community wellness are our first priority. Continued Learning and growth for all students in our goal as we navigate this challenge, together!



Thank you,


Dr. Aspasia Angelou


Nadaburg Unified School District No. 81

office: 623-388-2121