21st Century Learning Center

Desert Oasis Elementary School

Site Coordinators:
Monday & Tuesday: Julie Mackenzie - jmackenzie003@gmail.com
Wednesday & Thursday: Ronni Fredrickson - rfredrickson@nadaburgsd.org


Phone: 623.556.5895

Center Hours: Monday - Thursday - 2:30 - 5:30

Please note - we have our own extension for 21st Century and Summer School, our number is 623-556-5895. Thank you!
Welcome to Desert Oasis Elementary School's 21st CCLC After School Program. We offer after-school tutoring a well as enrichment activities.
21st Century Program at a Glance

No After-School for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Here's what our kids have to say:

"Somuch fun!"
"Learning is fun after-school"
"I love tutoring with Mr. Hochgesang, he makes math fun."
"I want after-school everyday."
"Craft time with Ms. Maria is ablast."
"I like outside play time with Ms. Cynthia, she's nice."
"I like how people help me with my homework after school"
"We got to do a research paper on dinosaurs."
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